I’ve been a fan of Brian Rose’s work ever since I stumbled in to his content on youtube around 2015. He’s been providing me with so much thoughtful longformat conversation, connecting me to great minds and people from different walks of life. In this episode I show my solidarity to the current situation that he’s going through with being silenced and having his freedom of speech compromised. I do not know what’s the truth about the whole Covid-19 thing but when for me this whole things smell a bit fishy… And when giants like YouTube, Google etc starts to censor content what they want and starts to self policing then we are walking into murky waters. In this episode I don’t give this that much space, I’m more shining light on the brilliant work and conversation that he has had on his show talking about controversial stuff and mindblowing stuff that I think most people would benefit from hearing. Enjoy!

Here’s a list of people which interviews have been some of my favourites. Check em’ out:
Elliott Hulse
Ido Portal
Dorian Yates
Rich Roll
Gabor Mate
David Nutt
David Goggins
Ross Edgley
Eddie Izzard
Wim Hof
David Icke
Steve Maxwell
Tim Sheiff
Jordan Peterson
Graham Hancock

Other content/movies made by London Real worth watching:
Iron Mind

Don’t miss out on Rose/Icke III on May 3rd. I’m going to watch. Are you?

Podcast episode link here:

Stay Strong!