Every wound is a womb:

Every wound is a womb. What does that mean for you to hear? I heard this expression for the first time in one of Elliott Hulse’s videos and he also says this about it:

“Every time you or I are injured we have an opportunity to learn something new about ourselves, and be re-born with a new understanding about our bodies and about life.

Every time Nature enters our bodies through a wound, we become pregnant with new possibilities for life. The more injuries you sustain, the more opportunities you have to grow something new, within.“

It’s when we crack open, when we break down and are forced to stop everything we are doing that we can truly change and re-create ourselves. It’s during these times of break down or immense stress that we are forced to look at our shadow and our shit. When we are forced to stop everything we can see the world with new eyes and truly reflect upon our lives from a more objective perspective. When we are constantly on the go and don’t allow this to naturally happen it will probably come out of nowhere to smack you down and humble you and remind you that you can’t control everything.

It’s in these times when we attract an injury or a wound that we need to re-evaluate what’s really necessary in our lives. Up til that point you may have never had to reflect upon that. But if you truly manifest a physical wound you really need to have discernment on what’s sustainable and what not to keep in your immediate environment to sustain your future. It’s when we are put on the edge of crisis that we need to become aware what nourishes our souls and what robs us of our vitality and energy.

In our world we usually look at our wounds our injuries as something malicious but I would say even though it may hurt as fuck it also humbles you, grounds you and probably stops you from becoming even more hurt. I had a friend once referring to injury in this way:

“If you are on the wrong path in life, the universe will conspire and show you this in three different ways. And what’s important is how in tune you are with picking up these messages and how in tune you are with yourself. If you are in tune with yourself all that the universe needs is a soft graze with a feather to help you get the hint. If you’re not fine tuned enough and keep going even though you’ve might already have had small hints then universe will bring in a heavier tool: The brick. You’ll probably feel that hit for sure. And maybe you’ll even be smart enough to listen and change your direction to evade even greater hurt. But if you don’t take that hint then the universe will send you a truck. It’s your choice to choose what you want to be hit by. And trust me to be hit by a truck is never beautiful.”

I think we’ve all had a friend or relative that just didn’t want to listen to the subtle messages that we receive every day in our bodies and for some it will cost them even more time than the time they thought they’d “lose” if they were to stop. And for some people ignoring the messages will cost them their lives. Remember: There is no such thing as a sudden heart attack. Whenever we manifest a disease, injury or wound it’s probably more because of small actions done every day for a long time rather than a big traumatic thing happening once.

Wounds are an invitation, an invitation to reinvent ourselves and to find healing and integrate to become whole and stronger than ever before. To let go of what no longer is needed in our body or in our psyche, to start fresh and rebuild ourselves. 

Wounds are also an initiation, as much as it is a fresh start it is also an initiation for us to grow past old limited belief systems and older versions of ourselves. To leave the known behind and dare to go into the unknown. This initiation can be the push that we might need in order to take that step or leap that we’ve been longing for to do but maybe been too afraid to take. It’s an initiation because when we get hurt we need to go out into the world and find the remedy, and that takes courage. The courage to leave the safety that we once knew behind in order for us to evolve or die.

We can also draw a parallel to the hero’s journey where one of the steps is “refusal”. It’s the step that comes after “call to action”. This can be the time we get the wound or get a call from the “pain teacher” to get us going into the adventure. You see pain is a great motivator for change and tremendous growth. If everything is comfortable and cared for than there’s not much incentive to even try to grow beyond the point you’re at.

It might take time to heal your wounds and the healing will not look nothing like you imagine it, it will take you on a lot of beautiful detours and probably also show you a lot of your own inner shit and shadows. The darkest aspect of yourself might get revealed in this process. What you’ll usually find is that when conquering a fear or healing a wound is that you’ll learn a great deal about that specific condition. And that will be of great help for your near environment and tribe, more so than you’d ever think it would be. In the hero’s journey that step of the evolution is called “returning with the elixir”.

And that’s exactly what this book is a product of. Me receiving a wound that has deeply impacted my whole existence, so much so that I’ve decided to dedicate a whole book about it. Because now with an objective perspective can see that what’s happened to me is a blessing and a gift. Through this long and at times very arduous journey I’ve stumbled and fallen, I’ve had victories and defeats. But most importantly: I’ve grown to become the man I am today because of it. I see the potency of these words that I want to enrich you with. And without the initial wounding I wouldn’t have had this depth in my life and the wisdom that has come with the wound.

Out of that wound something else has taken its place and blossomed. The wound has become a womb. A fertile growing ground for something else to grow on. A firm and solid foundation on which I stand proudly on today. And with that in mind I embrace any future wound that may come in to my realm of existence and I remain curious about what wisdom I will draw from it.

Reflection time:
After finishing this text reflect upon your life, what has been some wounds that has become your medicine? Take a few minutes to think of this or even better write it down with pen and paper.

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