What the hell are you talking about Robin? The new year passed a long time ago. December 31st, DUH!

Yeah, I know, but I’m not talking about the Gregorian calendar that is primarily used all over the world. There are many different calendars out there. We’ve got more than one way to measure time, we’ve got the Islamic, Chinese, and Mayan calendar. The one I’m talking about is, of course, the Astrological calendar. In the Astrological calendar, the new year is marked when we encounter the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere.

So, what does ‘equinox’ actually mean? The word is rooted in Latin and comes from the word aequi, which means “equal” and the word nox which means “night.” So basically, it means equal night.

The spring equinox marks the day that night and day are equal in length. All the days will become longer and longer until the summer solstice when it starts to turn darker and darker once again.

This means that we’ve survived another winter, another cycle, another trip to the “underworld” and have now returned once again. We have come out of the equinox rebirthed from being in the darkness.

(((((((( And for me personally living in Sweden it’s nice to finally get to see a glimpse of the sun for once. It’s also nice to stop fighting all the polar bears that run around on our streets during the winter time. )))))))))))

Neighbors in the Zodiac

When this happens every year around the 20th of March, the Sun moves into the first sign of the zodiac: Aries. Ruled by the planet Mars, Aries is cardinal fire, initiative, instinctual, “unconscious,” action and change.

And when the Sun enters Aries, it comes out of the last sign of the zodiac: Pisces, mutable water (or ether as Kaypacha from New Paradigm Astrology often sees it). Pisces, ruled by the planet Neptune, is the collective unconscious, source, divinity, dreams, meditation, stillness, and completion.

Even though these guys are next to each other in the zodiac, they couldn’t be more different than each other. Pisces is like “Hey man, let’s go with the flow.” While Aries is more like “Hey man, get the fuck out of MY flow.

The End of the Beginning

The shift between these signs marks the end and the beginning of cycles. In order for nothing to exist, something must exist and vice versa. Pisces is yin and Aries is yang—they are a perfect example of duality and are on each side of the spectrum.

If you look at the glyphs of both signs, you can see that Pisces is almost like a portal or a space for something to form. The nothingness creates a space for something to grow. If you look at the Aries glyph, you see how it symbolizes the horns of the ram, but I also see it as a fountain and as something sprouting out of the ground. What struck me, when doing a quick mind map over what I wanted to get across in this article, is that if you put both glyphs on top of each other, you get a vase (Pisces) and a bouquet of flowers (Aries) sprouting up from it.

We burst out of source, the stillness, the meditative state to a new creative self. The spring equinox marks a place of new beginnings and new opportunities for us to grow and expand. This is an excellent time to sow your seeds and take action towards making the change that you aspire to make.

What seeds are you planting at the moment? What conscious decision are you making in your life right now to create a more optimal and exciting way of living? What do you need to leave behind and let go of (Pisces) in order to go on to create something new (Aries)? For us to grow, we have to make room for other things to be cultivated in our lives. It’s a perfect time to do some spring cleaning and throw away the clutter and the things and relationships in our lives that don’t serve a purpose right now.

It’s a good time to take time out for meditation and contemplation, find what works for you and what doesn’t.

Because if we’re desperately clinging on to old things that no longer serve us, how are we supposed to have space for the new? Remember what I wrote earlier about the correlation between nothing and something? We need to deduct before we can add. Learn more about intention setting with the equinox here.

The Other Side of Mercury

A current transit in this equinox that is also very important to consider, in all of this time of new creative spark and activity, is that the planet Mercury. Mercury—the messenger of the Gods—which rules communications and logistics is going retrograde in Aries on March 22nd. This astrological event happens around 3 times per year and lasts for about 3 weeks. It’s also a transit that gets vilified and often has a negative connotation and a bad rep in media. But remember: There’s no good nor bad, only our interpretation of what we think is good or bad.

How I would interpret this aspect is that even though we may have really good creative ideas and projects that we want to get started with, we might want to think things over one more time and reflect on it before going forward prematurely. That is a trait that Aries can be famous for, going full speed ahead without thinking of the consequences. I know that for a fact—as I’m an Aries myself and have had 7 concussions, literally going head first without thinking too much ahead of time.

So even though you might have ants in your pants and want to get started today. Let things simmer for a bit, think things through, be patient.

It’s easy to act first and think later. Sometimes that’s good, and sometimes it will only cost us more time and headaches.

Go out in pure warrior fashion Aries-style this month, but be conscious of what seeds you plant and decisions you make. Because what you plant will come back to you—that is something you can be sure of.

Hope you all have a phenomenal new year.

Love & Light