When I did my Yoga TTC in Trauma Sensitive Yoga earlier this year we got to read the book Trauma-Sensitive Yoga in Therapyby David Emerson. The book is all about trauma and the effect trauma has on us. Commonly after a trauma, we get PTSD and if we don’t get to process it correctly it can haunt us for the rest of our lives.

Victims of war, assault, robberies, and rape are highly likely to get PTSD. And rape is the prominent cause of PTSD. What scared me upon reading the book was the number of people that get affected by sexual assault. According to the studies that they point to in the book, 1 in 5 women will experience rape or an attempt of rape in their lifetime. The same number for males is 1 in 33.

The chance of getting assaulted by your intimate partner is greater than the chance of getting injured in a car accident, muggings and cancer COMBINED.

For me this seemed surreal, the number is appalling and I asked myself where are all the stories of the victims?


During the last year, I’ve been more exposed than ever to women who have been the victims of abuse, rape and other kinds of assault. So, this #metoo revolution going on right now was just a ticking bomb ready to explode at any moment.

I’m baffled by how much stuff that has been hidden has come to light. So many untold stories finally getting aired, processed and released due to the Harvey Weinstein scandal which has been a catalyst and a fuel for this fire. I’m immensely proud of all the women who have bravely expressed their encounters with this despicable male behavior.

An Astrological Perspective

If we look to the astrology of the ongoing events, right now Jupiter moved into the sign of Scorpio on October 10th. The Weinstein scandal was exposed on the 5th. Whenever Jupiter comes around it wants to expand, enhance and find the truth.

Scorpio is the sign of sex, death, transformation, secrets and merging with the other. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and also connected to the root chakra.

I interpret the whole thing as Jupiter putting expansive strobe lights on our deepest hidden murky secrets and in this case with #metoo our sexual shame and secrets. Mercury also just followed Jupiter into Scorpio which makes talking and communicating about our hidden dark secrets more accessible.

And don’t forget that we just had a Sun-Uranus opposition also shocking us with new revelations about the whole thing.

So, the Jupiter in Scorpio just got initiated, be prepared for more to be unearthed. We’ve just started with expanding and exploring our individual underworlds. Jupiter just left Libra which shined a lot of light on our relationships, partnership and our interaction with the other.

And with  Jupiter in Scorpio, we can expect more of our hidden goo to erupt from our unconscious out into the open. Neglected sexual desires or maybe some juicy secrets are about to be revealed. This is just the beginning.

End of an Era

And as for the #metoo revolution that’s taking place, I see it as another sign that we’re stepping out of the age of Pisces, a 2000-year-old age that some say got initiated by Jesus. In the age of Pisces the Virgo (women) got thrown into the shadows as it’s the polarity point to Pisces. Woman have been treated the same as cattle and livestock, being traded for riches and power. Subdued by the patriarchy.

Only in the last century, have women all around the world been freed from their shackles (but in some cultures, they still remain chained, just look at countries like Saudi Arabia). Voting for women wasn’t possible until the 20th century. I think what’s happening right now is sudden shocks to bring the duality between masculine and feminine closer together and into balance.

The social media outburst is an expression from the feminine of “we’ve had enough, no more!”. Tired of being harassed, tired of being afraid, tired of being shoved into the corner, tired of being quiet and shunned.

But what can we actually do to make a difference and make this world a friendlier and better place?

I’m no expert. I have no Ph.D. in Genus sciences and I don’t know if I have any right answers because this is not an issue that is solved over a cup of tea.

What I do know is that in regard to feminine and masculine, feminine is more fluid, moving and more motion. The masculine is the container, the boundaries, and structure. In order for the feminine to move, express and create itself freely it needs to have a safe container to do it in. What we need right now is for that masculine container to become a safer space for its inhabitants. We have to weed out the garden and plant new seeds and sentiments for the future. What better time than now?

With this #meetoo movement, many things have been thrown upside down, a lot of emotions and traumas have been surfacing. Almost like a plow that turns the field bringing stuff up in order to help the process for a new cycle to take place.

We can no longer put our heads in the sand about these serious issues with this new level of awareness that has come forth. The container has been blown out, it’s time to refurbish, renovate and start from ground zero. It is going to take more than one person to make a change. It’s going to require our entire society to stand together.

At an early age, we need to teach boys AND girls boundaries. What’s ok and what’s not ok. But what do I know? I spent my first 6 years as sexually active masturbating in front of a screen. More than what’s common sense, I didn’t get any proper education on these things.  I’m no saint, but what I do know is that I have never sent any d*ckpics to random women. If you’re a male and do this, please send me an email, I’m seriously curious about why you do this and how you think it’s ok. Trust me when I say this isn’t helping you with women.