I grew up as the youngest of 4 brothers on a farm in the west of Sweden.

I’ve always been eager at challenging norms and pushing the boundaries of my comfort.

The reason for why I became a coach in the first place is that I’ve seen what it has done for me in my life to have someone to bounce ideas with and that I too want to help others find their unique path in life. Because I had a big sense of insecurity in my own self I got into coaching and personal development. Growing up I was the youngest of 4 brothers in my family in Sweden. I liked to challenge my brothers even though they were bigger and stronger I was kind of a tease. At least up to the age of 11, then my whole life turned on its edge. From being quite cocky and challenging I retreated and regressed. I became a shell and from being very outgoing and independent I became very closed down and dependent on my Mother. Things that I’d do with ease became a huge struggle and burden. Some days I couldn’t even go to school because of crippling fear and anxiety. When things got overwhelming I vomited, broke down and cried and gave up for the day.
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I thought that what I was going through would last forever and that the things that were happening to me were irreversible. Luckily this wasn’t the case. At the age of 15, I got introduced to meditation and visualisation techniques which help me tremendously in changing my attitude towards a more positive outlook on life.

At the age of 19, I discovered yoga and that has also been a huge beneficial factor in my personal growth. Yoga is one of the most powerful tools for me in my life.

What happened to me as a child wasn’t all that fun, but it has taught me so many great lessons, going through that hardship at such a young age has moulded me into the deep thinker and being I am today. And without those hardships, I wouldn’t be forced to pick up practices such as meditation. I realised that I can choose, I have the power of will to decide how to react to what’s happening, I may not control the external events happening around me, but I can control how I feel about it.

Ever since I discovered that I am the creator of my own reality I’ve been constantly exploring the realms of my comfort zone and also challenging the social norms and constructs that are all around us. Stretching my limitations more and more for each year that passes. And that’s why I’m so passionate to share all of this with YOU. Because I see how much I needed the support from others when I was incapable of helping myself. If my 11-year-old self would’ve seen me he wouldn’t believe his eyes of what he’d manage to do in the future.

Traveling the world on my own when I at one point in my life didn’t even dare to go on the school bus. Inspiring big groups through lectures when one of the scariest things for me growing up was public speaking. The list goes on.

And if I could make the change in my life imagine what you would be able to if you just gave yourself the permission.



RAGGES RUNDA (Project leader)

In October 2013 Robin was running out in the forest at his childhood home in the countryside. He has always enjoyed running in nature and being surrounded by its beauty. He was running on the old trails where his grandfather Ragnar walked to school as a child. These trails were the common road before the bigger roads were established. These trails are no longer used as much but Ragnar has kept the trails alive by clearing the weeds and marking it up for others.

Robin then got the idea to host a trail running race on the trails so that the trails weren’t just going to wither away. He had no clue how he’d do it but he put his mind and effort to it to find a way to get people to come out and run. It became a great challenge for him to start this kind of project from scratch by himself. He created with some help from his friend a website and started to market the race on social media through videos and photos. And in the first year more than 100 people showed up for the first edition of Ragges Runda (named after his grandfather Ragnar. The word “runda” means circuit). All the money gathered from the race went to charity. Since that first event in 2014 Ragges Runda has occurred in total 3 times and gathered over 3000€ for charities.

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BODYBALANCE (Instructor)

In 2015 Robin became a certified Les Mills Bodybalance instructor at his local gym in Vänersborg, Sweden. He wanted to challenge himself and combine getting paid for working out at the same time. Becoming an instructor wasn’t all that easy for Robin as it triggered his performance anxiety that he had when he was in his teens. Standing in front of a group of 25 people was a great challenge for him at first, creating a lot of anxiety and inner turmoil. But eventually after exposing himself to that fear over and over again he overcome it gradually. He learned a great deal of self-acceptance and learned to embrace his flaws being the center of attention in becoming an instructor. Even teachers are students and forever learning and forever growing.

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Göddigt Ändå (It’s All Good)

Project Göddigt Ändå It’s All Good

Robin is part of the collective “Göddigt Ändå” which is Swedish for “It’s all good”. It’s an initiative created for the cause of expanding one’s comfort zone and to appreciate life more fully. One of “Göddigt Ändå” biggest mottos is “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” and that’s also a motto that Robin tries to live by each and every day of his life. The initiative was started by Hugo Mattsson and Niclas Åkerström in 2015 when they wanted to document a developing country and at the same time show how blessed we are if we have grown up in a western country. Having a roof over our heads, clean water and food on our table is something that is considered as a given everyday kind of thing but in many other countries it is not. So the name stems from that even though we bicker and complain over the small things in life we still have it all good. Because we have our basic needs met all the time. Robin met Hugo in 2015 and quickly became best friends. And together they’ve done a hitchhiking trip throughout Sweden during 25 days without any money at all, just relying on the goodwill of other people, to expand their comfort zones and to inspire others that impossible things are possible with the right mindset.

This project was called “Snyltresan” (English: The freeloading trip) and you can book Robin for an inspiring lecture where he shares the highs and lows, the insights and takeaways that he and Hugo got from that trip. Videos and photos of the vast and beautiful landscape that Sweden provides.

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