Today I had the great pleasure to lecture in front of my biggest crowd so far. Around 300 15-year-olds were in the audience to hear me & Hugo Mattsson trip through Sweden last summer which we did with 0 money for 25 days to challenge our comfortzones.

And how fitting it was to talk about stepping out of the comfortzone today as I took the leap to perform in front of my biggest audience yet. 

It’s been a long journey to get here, once upon a time I was also in that same audience in this exact same hall.

When I was 15 I would have never thought that my future self would be able to do this. My 15-year-old self struggled with even making it to school because of massive anxiety and fear.

Sometimes it was so bad that I stayed home from school, sometimes so fearful and filled with uncontrollable emotions that I vomited.

I wasn’t born a good speaker, I have built myself up, stumbled and falled in the process many times. Making mistakes and made huge wins along the journey.

I have moulded myself to become the man I am today. Before going on stage I reminded myself of that I AM WORTHY OF THIS. I also took deep grounding breaths as I’ve learned in meditation and yoga to keep myself at bay with the nervousness I felt inside.

And I’m in no means done with this… This is only the beginning of something bigger, I can feel it. I still struggle with my own current limitations and fears everyday just like you. But I’m lightyears ahead of my 15-year-old self who could never in his wildest dreams picture this.

For all the people out there suffering from massive anxieties and fear. There’s hope for you out there. There are small steps you can take to become more safe in your own body.

It’s not an easy journey, but nothing worth having comes easy.

I could make this post about how great I am and how great my life is, but some days it’s still hard and challenging for me. As for every other human being alive today WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN SHIT TO DEAL WITH.

And I want to be more transperant about my journey and show the stuff that goes on behind the curtains once in a while.

Today I’m happy and grateful to have had the pleasure of hopefully inspiring a few kids at this venue. To dare to be great, and to dare to take a step out of their comfortzone.

Love, Robin