It’s that time of the year when it gets darker and colder or each day that passes. The fun and outgoing outdoor activities from the summer is just a bleak memory. The air feels fresher as the trees shed their leaves. It’s a beautiful season with a richness in colours.

But for me autumn has always been challenging for me. We just recently past the fall equinox which means that the nights are getting longer and longer until the winter solstice in december. And even though we as humans are very much disconnected from nature we can’t deny that these natural cycles are affecting us deeply.

When the day is longer than the night we find ourselves more outside, more active and more social. We’re more extroverted. When the opposite is true we tend to be more prone to rest, less social and more inside, being more introverted.

It’s like we are diving deep into the underworld to look into our own inner core. And that’s when shit can get to you. When you’re forced to sit with the murky things that been locked up in your body. Limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that we thought we reconciled. But no, here they come again.

And for me that has absolutely been the case. The past couples of weeks I’ve been through a wide range of emotions, experienced a lot of highs but also felt incredibly low and puny. Feeling afraid, unsure and sad. Some tears has been shed as these sensations and feelings have come up.

I’m a guy who is used to be on the go and can be quite impatient sometimes. And when I’m forced to slow down and reflect upon my own life a lot of things that I’ve been put to the side can catch up to me.

And this as I already mentioned has caused a lot of turmoil and uncomfort in my day to day experience.

But we need to slow down and look at ourselves soberly. We need to shed the layers of the onion and allow ourselves to delve deep into those uncomfortable feelings. Because that is where true growth lies. It’s when we are faced with those uncomfortable feelings that we also can choose to make peace with them.

If we’re constantly on the go running away from ourselves than it’s just going to build upon itself. And the more time we run from it the harder it will get you.

I have a friend that has an expression that goes somewhere on the lines of:

The universe has 3 ways to let you know what’s up.

First it comes as a light feather brushing your skin.

Then it comes as a brick to your face.

If you still decide to not listen to the underlying message that has come your way…

You get hit by the truck of truth.


Are you facing those inner murky challenging feelings or are you running away from them? Can you be so still that you can feel the light touch of the feather or are you gonna ignore that til’ you get hit by that truck?

For me this time has shown me my limiting beliefs, my shadows, my negative thoughts about myself and my own self doubt has been surfacing.

And with that a lot of lethargy and tears has come. But crying is cleaning, crying is releasing, crying is resolving and letting go. The tears are there to clear up our eyes and polish them in order for us to see a clearer vision of our future.

Are you ready to turn of the external chatter and look deeply inside yourself?

What do you see in your eyes?

How is this time serving you right know?

Hit me up if you want to explore yourself beyond your comfortzone.


Love, Robin