Lately, I’ve been experiencing some things that have been uncomfortable. Feelings of lethargy, loss of ambition and lack of meaning. I’ve been questioning why I’m here and asking myself what is really going on? I’ve been following this thought pattern on a downward spiral. It’s not only led me to detach and isolate myself from those around me but also to close myself down and not really express what’s truly going on inside. At the same time, causing me to falsely think that “I’m the only one that is experiencing this.”

This is completely removed from the truth. I’ve realized over the years, that the thing that we think is the most personal and unique about our way of thinking or feeling, is also the most universal thing that we humans experience. This shared experience is what connects us and how we discover this is by living authentically.

Being True to Your Authentic Self

We must remember that when we feel alone, isolated, or down that it stems from our inability to express ourselves truthfully and authentically. We are afraid to express what’s going on inside of us because we think it’s freaky, wrong, or misplaced and shouldn’t be there at all. Instead, we go around putting up a front or a façade to the world so that people won’t think we’re weird or different. We meet and greet people’s fake smiles on a daily basis coming to not only accept this but to expect it.

Surface level communication has become socially normative. We exchange polite phrases about the weather or the events that went down during your weekend instead of discussing the fact that you cried yesterday because you had some existential doubt boiling up. It’s our inability to crack open our personas (stems from Latin meaning mask), that stop us from really connecting on a heart-base level.

Opening Up

How can I ever know that I’m alone if I haven’t even asked anyone else? This is the reason why I wrote “falsely thinking” in the first paragraph. If we keep things, thoughts, ideas and our unique traits to ourselves then how will we ever know if there are people out there who feel or think the same way? We won’t. By closing ourselves off, we are also keeping out the connection that could benefit us the most.

By keeping things about our truest selves hidden, we constantly reject and let ourselves down. If we reject ourselves, what can we expect from those closest to us?

Instead of shining your light truthfully and authentically, we play another role that we think people expect of us. Isn’t it crazy that we would rather be loved for who we aren’t than to be our true selves?

Frequently, we go around people pleasing and micromanaging ourselves to fit in. All this time and effort goes into maintaining this image instead of investing in our true selves.

Wouldn’t we rather be loved and hated for being who we are? Not for the image we project?

Living Authentically

It’s hard in today’s society when you hardly see any trace of negative emotions out there. Especially on social platforms where we only see the highlight reel. We never see the pain, the hardship, the real. No one dares to post a picture of themselves in jammies eating a tub of B & J crying with mascara running with the hashtag: #depressed. Everything gets filtered and the real person behind the phone gets lost in translation. As a result, we feel weird when we are encountered with the so-called negative emotions.

Some people say that the opposite of depression is expression. We need to express what is going inside of us regardless of what it is that shows up, joy, sorrow, depression, happiness, excitement, anxiety. It’s by resisting that we make things worse.

The Inner Lion

On August 21, we had the solar eclipse happening in the sign of Leo which called for people to be more authentic and true. The sun in our natal chart is often who we are perceived to be. The sun is the planet that rules Leo as well as the heart. The Leo archetype in its most positive aspect is courageous, playful, creative, authentic and strong. To be truer to ourselves and more in our hearts was a major theme surrounding the eclipse.

Most importantly, I encourage you to show your truest self, to shine your individual light and make room for others to do the same. If you open up and become more ok with being vulnerable, you open up the door for others to do the same. So, let’s all share; share beyond the superficial-social-media-self. Share our deeper thoughts and experiences. Take a dive below the surface of small talk and get real.

Go out and make your lion roar, you’d be surprised how many that will resonate with your call.