We all have desires and we all have fears that stop us from reaching toward our full potential and desires.

A couple of months ago I wrote this about my fears:

“I’m afraid of failure, afraid of making a fool out of myself, afraid of being looked at as weird or odd. I’m afraid of living out my real me. What if people don’t like the real me? What if nobody wants to be my friend? I’m afraid of feeling insufficient, afraid of not being enough, afraid of not satisfying the “demands” that are all around. I’m afraid to take space and claim my own space in this world. Afraid of being mocked for my real me. Afraid of throwing myself out there and doing my thing and finding my passion.”

Mars is the planet of action, wants, desires and animal instinct. He is the ruler of Aries and the God of war. When Mars is active we can expect a major push and assertion. Mars is aggression, anger and can also be very impatient and very ego driven.

Just like planet Earth has its moon so does Mars. Well, it actually has two of them. They’re called Phobos and Deimos with Phobos being the inner moon and Deimos being the outer one. And just as the moon revolves around our planet, so does Phobos and Deimos follow Mars.

The Greek equivalent of Mars is Ares God of War. Phobos and Deimos are twins and sons of Ares and Aphrodite.

What does Phobos and Deimos mean? Well as you probably already figured out, Phobos is very close to the word phobia and in Greek mythology, Phobos is the personification of fear and Deimos is the personification of terror.

Wherever Mars (Ares) is in the sky he is always closely followed by his moons Phobos and Deimos.

In the Greek mythology, Ares is always accompanied by Phobos, Deimos, Enyo (War Goddess, sister to Ares) and Eris (Goddess of discord, sister to Ares).

Whenever he goes to war, fear and terror is always by his side.

There are a lot of wars going around on the planet right now but most of us live in countries at peace. What I think is interesting though, is that the war goes on inside of us all the time.

There is an old Indian saying about the two wolves inside of us, one white and one black. Both are as strong as the other but the one who wins is the one we feed the most. In this allegory, white symbolizes love and black symbolizes fear.

“Everybody is fighting a war that you know nothing about”.

We all have our wills, desires, and ambitions of where we want to go in life (Ares/Mars). Just as we all know that tingling feeling that emerges when we walk towards something that excites us. Many times, when we get what we want or are heading in a new direction the excitement quite quickly turns into doubt, fear or anxiety.

That’s what happens when we walk towards our true dreams and desires. We challenge ourselves and break new grounds, we take a step into unchartered territory. Because when you take that leap of faith be prepared for your desires to be closely followed by Are’s two sons: fear and terror.

We ALL have desires and ambition that we want to achieve, but what we often see around us in this world is people who have given up on their dreams.People who have settled for less than what they’re worth. Because every time they walk towards that goal or desire the fear takes hold of them and gets the best of them, stopping them before they’ve even gotten started.

In order to get somewhere new or to reach our dreams, we must be willing to go out there and swing the sword. We must be ready to go to war. We have to accept our mortality and sacrifice who (we think we are) if we are to become what we most desire. Be prepared to get knocked down, humiliated, annihilated, sweaty, bloody and muddy. The path of the warrior might not be as pretty as you picture it. But would you rather stay stagnant than go out there and give it a try? What can you gain from it?

Courage isn’t about taking action in the absence of fear but rather taking action even though Phobos and Deimos are drooling and breathing up in our faces. Owning who we are and mustering up the self-trust to tame and befriend the “evil twins”.

In the beginning of the text I wrote about my fears, I also wrote an answer to my fears:

“I know that you’re afraid, it’s natural and you have all the right in the world to be afraid. Fear has its place and shows us important aspects of ourselves. But what is the worst thing that could happen if you mess up? Will your life be over? Isn’t there space to start over? Would you rather be liked for playing a role, pretending to be someone you’re not or would you rather just relax in BEING you, being light, being love. Whose demands are you trying to uphold? And who has said that you have to uphold them? When you claim your space that is rightfully yours it creates spaces and allowance for others to do the same. This too shall pass, see it for what it is, no need for analysation or breaking it down to understand, there’s nothing to understand. Allow yourself to be wherever you are. Through allowing you’ll find acceptance. That is exactly what’s wanted and needed to be felt right now.”

Courage is looking your shadow in the eye and asking it to dance with you.

When we bring them out into the light we give ourselves the space to process them. If we always keep them swept under the rug, denying them, how will we ever be able to face them?

Behind your biggest fears might be your biggest desires. And when you’ve conquered your biggest fear what’s left to stop you?

What’s your biggest fear? What is your biggest stumbling block in life? What action are you taking towards removing it? I’d love to hear from you. Tell me what you’re struggling with.

May you face your biggest fears.

Love & Light.