As some of you that reads this might know I’ve been living and working at a retreat and course center called Ängsbacka for almost a year now. June 3rd will mark the day of my one year anniversary of me being here. It’s been a hell of a ride so far, many beautiful moments and hard lessons learnt indeed.

The Covid-19 situation that is omnipresent for the whole globe has of course also impacted Ängsbacka immensely as the main income here is festivals during the summer. And what is a festival? A gathering of large crowds of people. The biggest festival “No Mind” attracts over 1000 people each year. And now with the restrictions of only being able to gather 50 people in the same space things have drastically changed even for us at Ängsbacka. And that’s why a crowdfunding was getting started 2 weeks ago with the intention to keep Ängsbacka a float during these times of great trials. Thousands of people have been walking in and out of this place for over 20 years to evolve personally, mentally, physically and spiritually. There’s a lot of transformation that has happened on these lands during that course of time. A lot of healing, self-realizations and epiphanies. Myself included. The main thing with the crowdfunding was to remember people of their times here and what this place means for people from all over the world. To remember their joy, to remember all the good times of peace, happiness, moments of deep healing, magic and celebrations that has happened here.

I was taken aback by the great response that the campaign got and I’m amazed by how many people this place has touched during the years. I felt an urge to somehow help spread awareness to the campaign through my channels to help spread it a little bit more. I wondered: What can I do to help bring in some donations or income to this place? And then it dawned on me that I can create a race since I do quite some running myself. I’ve had for a year or two had the dream to complete a 100 mile race (160 km) in one day. So why not combine my own dream with creating more interest and traction to the fundraiser. And thus the race Run For Ängsbacka got created.

The format of this race will be a Backyard Ultra. You can read more about what it is in detail here:

Basically you do a lap of 6,7 km every hour for as long as you can til you only have one last runner left. And since this is quite an unofficial and spontaneous race there won’t be that many full blooded Ultra athletes competing in this race. But we have a super strong community of people who will chip in for a lap or two during the day and support me and the few ones who are trying to do it.

I myself feel nervous just posting, talking and doing about this because I feel that I might step into deep waters. The longest distance in one day that I have covered is 57 km which I did last summer. And since then I have been dealing with some minor injuries and not been able to go full speed with my running. So it might be a bit naive to think that I can do this for a full day, but one thing is certain. I will give my all. 


I will start and finish at the steps of the cafe in Ängsbacka. The past weekend I tried out the course that I’ve measured up and I did 40 km to see how my body was dealing with that amount of distance. 5 hours and 45 minutes later I was still standing strong and it gave me a huge chunk of optimism for the real deal in the coming days.

And in these times of great uncertainty and turmoil that’s going around in the world one of the reasons why I’m doing this is that now is the time to step up. Now is the time to be strong. Now is the time to be resilient and keep a strong physical and mental attitude. To step up first and foremost for ourselves but also for our communities all around us.  

I’m going to start running at 6 AM CET (Swedish time) on Saturday the 25th and continue for as long as my body can carry me forward in an attempt to push my own physical and mental barriers and at the same time push for people to contribute to the ongoing fundraiser.

If you can’t join me in the flesh feel free to tune in to my social media channels:
Facebook: Robin Christoffer Hallsten
Instagram: @robinhallsten


Or better yet! Go for a walk or a run yourself and post on your social media channels to show your solidarity and support. Tag me and @angsbacka and use the hashtags:

And don’t forget to contribute to the fundraiser:

Much Love