Since I started getting into astrology and learning more about the study of the planetary cycles, there has been one archetype that has stood out to me—Chiron. Chiron is the asteroid that is located between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron was discovered in 1977 and has an elliptical orbit. It takes Chiron roughly 50 years to go around the zodiac.

Chiron was the son of Kronos and Philyra. He was born a centaur (half man/ half horse) as Kronos shapeshifted to a stallion when he mated with her. When Chiron was born, Philyra was so appalled by the newborn child that she abandoned him. Chiron eventually got adopted by Apollo.

Apollo taught Chiron all that he knew surrounding poetry, prophecy, music, and healing. Chiron then went on to become a mentor and teacher to other young men like Achilles and Hercules.

Chiron, orphaned and rejected by both his parents, was not only wounded in this way. Later in life, he was mistakenly shot with a poisonous arrow in his lower body by his own disciple Hercules in a tumultuous commotion.

For a normal mortal, this arrow would’ve been enough to result in a one-way ticket down to old Hades in the underworld, but because Chiron was of godly descent, he could not die.

He was then stuck in a limbo of being immortal but also nursing a wound that couldn’t heal. This pain made him start searching for an antidote for his incurable affliction. This is also why Chiron is considered to be the father of homeopathy.

He searched for antidotes but couldn’t seem to find one. Chiron’s story ended when he took the place of Prometheus at Tartarus. Prometheus had been imprisoned by Zeus after he stole the fire of Olympia and gave it to the mortals. Prometheus was doomed to getting his liver eaten out every day by an eagle, and every night having the liver grow back. The only way that Prometheus could be freed from this torture was if another immortal took his place and gave up his own immortality.

As an act of service, Chiron took his place and was released from his wounds when he sacrificed himself for Prometheus. Zeus then put him up in the heavens in the constellation of Sagittarius.

Applying the Archetype

But what value and wisdom does this ancient Greek mythological story give us? Well, in the astrological chart, our Chiron placement is where we have been wounded or wronged. This wounding usually occurs in our early stages of life or even before we incarnate in this life. Where Chiron is in our chart is also where we might need to put our attention and effort into finding the right antidotes and remedies for healing in our own life—just as Chiron did.

In my eyes, there aren’t any better healers than those who have been to the deepest abysses of disease or discomfort and come back alive to share their journey and story. Those who have walked that path in the underworld, and as Joseph Campbell might have put it—done the heroes journey.

There is a distinct difference in reading about a subject and actually living and experiencing it. To feel, smell, touch and taste something rather than watching a movie or reading a book is an immersive experience. When we are fully engaged in something, we are more devoted and aware.

A Catalyst for Change

I just recently listened to an episode of the podcast “Tangentially Speaking” by author Christopher Ryan. The episode was number #211 with Wim Hof and Stanley Krippner, which you can find here. This episode inspired me to write this post.

For those of you who don’t know who Wim Hof is, he’s often referred to the “Iceman” because of his incredible superhuman feats of enduring cold conditions. Through breathing, he has also found a way that can enhance his immune system. The craziest thing is that he can teach anyone how to do the exact thing. He’s somehow hacked into the mechanics of our biological structure.

I see Wim as a modern day shaman who transforms and transmutes pains and fears into something better. Because you see, he started this journey of going even deeper with his practice when his wife committed suicide back in 1995. He had been working with the cold for longer than that, but after the tragedy of his wife committing suicide he set out to help others with the same problems.

He transformed his pain and sorrows for something higher and used it as a catalyst for change. That’s very much how I see the archetype Chiron—to see in oneself what needs to be healed and then when resolving our own wounds, sharing it with the world so that others may reap the benefits of our journey of healing.


“Everybody that you’ll ever meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”


All humans are perfect imperfections struggling with their own issues. What we can do is choose how we view our struggles. Do we choose to see them as huge obstacles that are insurmountable—using them as an excuse for our future development—basically going into a victimhood mentality? Or do we view them with awareness, respect and a sense of challenge, trying our best day by day to conquer our fears, anxieties, and shortcomings?

As I said earlier in the text, I see Wim Hof as a shaman, and that’s what I see Chiron as also, turning your pain into passion. Using those experiences of depth to give services to others. To go down deep into the darkness and return with a bright shining light to help others guide them through the murky process and make the path less frightening and accessible.


And that’s for me what spirituality is all about: Service, to give and receive service to oneself and others.


I don’t care how many hours of meditation that you’ve done. I don’t care which masters you’ve learned your teachings from. I don’t care how many crystals you have or how long hair your hair is. I don’t care if you can chant or talk in a dead ancient language. I don’t even care if you can levitate. If you’re a jerk, you’ll still be a jerk regardless of the things I just mentioned.

What I care about is what service are you are bringing to the world. How you approach and treat your fellow human beings. How you make the world a little brighter. That’s all I care about.

So where is Chiron in your chart? Where’s your wounded healer that you can heal and then transform to serve the world greatly?

My Chiron

I have my Chiron in the 4th house in Leo. (If you’re born between July 1991-September 1993 you also have your Chiron in Leo). What’s significant in my chart is that it forms a grand fire trine between my sun in Aries and my moon in Sagittarius. So my interpretation of my placement is that my Chiron is very potent for my purpose and also very much connected to my emotional security.

Having Chiron in Leo might suppress our authentic creative expression, it might hinder us from being playful and childish. It can also create fear and anxiety around being and standing up for oneself.

I also have it my 4th house, which is the house of security and home (Cancer). Growing up, I had a period in my life where I didn’t feel secure or safe anywhere. I had terrible experiences with anxiety and couldn’t go to school when it was at its worst. Expressing myself in front of a big audience or school was huge challenges for me.

All these anxieties and fears around my own security and being afraid of expressing myself authentically was hard to bear. But without these experiences, I wouldn’t have found meditation, yoga and alternative methods on how to control one’s body.

Today I’m much more secure in expressing myself, but I’m still a work in progress and will continue to be for the rest of my life. I still have an ambivalent feeling about writing, making videos and putting myself and my opinions out there. But I know if I do it, it creates room and space for others to do the same.


That’s what I want to do when I write these articles—to encourage and inspire you to learn, change and develop yourself into a higher form of expression.

And I hope you do find your own authentic voice and I can’t wait to hear you share it with the world.


Love & Light