Robin is a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher. He did his TTC at Veranda Phangan on Koh Phangan in Thailand January of 2017 with the teacher Colleen Hollett.

Robin started his own journey in yoga back in 2011 when he tried Power yoga at his local gym. After a few times, he was hooked on this form of training as it both gives physical exertion but also a mental clarity and presence. Discovering movement and breathing in a harmonious way and putting yourself in challenging positions intentionally has been hugely impactful on his journey as so many things that happen on the yoga mat can be transferred and applicable to real life.

He has both laughed and cried on the yoga mat and has fully felt the power of the tools that can be learned in yoga. After being a student for 4 years he first became a Bodybalance instructor in 2015 and finally did his first TTC in 2017.

Robin has also knowledge in Ashtanga, MediYoga and AcroYoga.

Robin is open for co-creating workshops and courses with others and also available to come and teach at your workplace. He also offers one-on-ones. For inquiries please contact him here: